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索尔恩霍芬的古化石 - 精致选集 - 哑光或磨光面

精致选集严格意义上来说不是一种对石材表面的加工工艺, 而是一种特殊颜色的石材种类。此种特殊颜色石材只有我们厂可为您提供。




Solnhofener Naturstein - antik


Die Antikbearbeitung lässt den Stein besonders alt bzw. gebraucht aussehen.








When looking at the Solnhofener Stone, there are sometimes ‘quartz veins’ which appear to run through the stone like a thread.

These originate from millions of years ago when earthquakes caused fissures in the mountains which were then filled with semi fluid chalk and other minerals. These minerals were subjected to tremendous pressure as the earth cooled and in turn formed the Solnhofener Stone that we know today.

Some people mistake these veins for faults or cracks filled with glue or filler, but in reality these veins are a natural phenomena and in no way influence the strength of the stone. These materials are naturally bound together and the ‘quartz veins’, together with the fossils are a natural characteristic of this stone.