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We have always been successful by combining innovation and tradition. You can trust us on 40 years of experience in the natural stone business. Since our establishment in the 1970's we have always been open to new developments in the industry.

SoNat is the leading producer of the Fossilstone. The main focus of our business is the production and marketing of our own materials as well as other natural stones imported from all around the world. We can offer an outstanding "quarry rough product range".

We import quarry rough slates and quartzites from Europe, South America and India as well as Granites from China and Limestones from Turkey and Egypt. We do not only stock flooring tiles, but also slabs in different thicknesses in any of our articles.

The SoNat staff work as a team. The advantage for you is that you will always receive professional advice and superb customer service. The combination of this first class service and our wide product range is indispensible, especially for our wholesale customers. During a typical hectic day of business, our customers appreciate our service. It is vital to a successful supply chain for our clients.

During the last decade SoNat has developed a brand name. We know from our own experience that as far as the material is concerned you have to be as good and even more efficient as your suppliers. Just In Time is Sonat's brand name.