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SONAT 211 - Natural Jura masonry stones


Stonetype: Limestone

Surface: Natural


I. Naturbelassene Jura Mauersteine



Currently we stock the following sizes:

Masonry stones, natural, packed in crates (approx. 1.4 to/crate)

  • lenghts, approx. 150-400mm, installation depth approx. 150-400mm, ( 1to. = approx. 1.80sqm visible surface)
    • Height of layers: approx. 50-100mm
    • Height of layers: approx. 100-150mm
    • Height of layers: approx. 150-200mm

II. Naturbelassene Jura Wegeplatten



Wegeplatten, polygonal (ca. 1,5 to/Palette)

Kantenlänge bis ca. 600 mm, Höhe ca. 80-100 mm (1 Palette = ca. 8 qm)