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Granite yellow (SONAT 265)


Stonetype: Granite

Surface: bushhammered



Indoor / Outdoor:

The stone is frost resistant and is absolutely suitable for applications outside.


We stock the following sizes:

Standard sizes, surface bushhammered, edges sawn:

  • 400/600/30mm in thickness

Other sizes and thicknesses on demand.

Skirtings, free lengths, surface honed, edges sawn as well as one long edge honed and bevelled, 10mm in thickness

  • 80mm high

Massive steps, surface, front edge and both heads bushhammered

  • 1200/350/150mm high
  • 1500/350/150mm high

Slabs for individual cut to size products (e.g. steps and risers, window sills, wash tables) are also obtainable and can be offered in the following thicknesses.

  • 20mm (surface honed)
  • 30mm (surface bushhammered)

Other surfaces of the stone are:

several other surface treatments possible.