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Limestone Miros - La Perla - SONAT 556

A white Limestone with a very noble surface. With its brushed surface by far more slip resistant.

Category: gebürstet, geschliffen/feingeschliffen, gratiniert, hell , Innenbereich, Kalkstein, Marmor, poliert, weiß

Jura Marble mixed

Jura Marble mixed. Colorful and very nice material.

Category: beige, bunt, gelb, geschliffen/feingeschliffen, grau, hell , Innenbereich, Jura Marmor, Kalkstein, Marmor

Green Slate - SONAT 575

Our green slate 525 with a honed surface. - The alternative would be quarry rough and brushed.

Category: geschliffen/feingeschliffen, grau, grün, hell , Innenbereich, Schiefer

Yellow Quartzite - SONAT 522

A quartzite with very nice colours. An even surface and strong colours make this stone a very good material - inside and outside.

Category: Außenbereich, beige, Garten und Landschaftsbau (Gala), gebürstet, gelb, hell , Innenbereich, Quarzit, spaltrau/bruchrau

Purple Slate - SONAT 550

Purple slate with honed surface.

Category: dunkel , geschliffen/feingeschliffen, Innenbereich, Schiefer, violett

Granite - White-grey - SONAT 263

Light Granite. - Very good as flooring material.

Category: Außenbereich, Garten und Landschaftsbau (Gala), gebürstet, geflammt, Granit / Basalt, grau, hell

Dark grey Granite - SONAT 266

Granite with silver grey colors. - please take a look.

Category: Außenbereich, dunkel , Garten und Landschaftsbau (Gala), geflammt, Granit / Basalt, grün, silber

Solnhofener Natural Stone - Fossilstone (Crazy Paving Material)

The very unique surface and simple beauty are the reasons for the strong trading markets in this Crazy Paving material. Not only in Europe but also world wide.

Category: blau, gelb, hell , Innenbereich, Kalkstein, Solnhofener Naturstein, spaltrau/bruchrau, Wandelemente - Mauerverblender

Porto Slate - SONAT 511

A black slate from Portugal with a strong structured surface - Absolute Black .

Category: dunkel , gebürstet, Innenbereich, Schiefer, schwarz, spaltrau/bruchrau