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Jura Marble - grey

Decent surface of the Jura Marble. Also suitalbe for more robust usages

Category: Außenbereich, Garten und Landschaftsbau (Gala), grau, Innenbereich, Jura Marmor, Kalkstein, tellergestrahlt (fein gestrahlt)

wall panel; yellow (SONAT 232)

Wall panels - Perfect for your wall.

Category: gelb, hell , Innenbereich, Quarzit, spaltrau/bruchrau, Wandelemente - Mauerverblender

Porto Slate - SONAT 511

A black slate from Portugal with a strong structured surface - Absolute Black .

Category: dunkel , gebürstet, Innenbereich, Schiefer, schwarz, spaltrau/bruchrau

(Kopie 4)

SONAT 221 - Rembrandt

This material will give every object its very specific touch - have a look!

Category: antik, Außenbereich, beige, braun , Garten und Landschaftsbau (Gala), gelb, gold, hell , Innenbereich, Jura Marmor

Solnhofener Natural Stone - Fossilstone

An extremely individual surface which can be described as very hard to obtain. - A special assortment which can be honed or polished. Naturally, the polished surface is the eye catcher in a room.

Category: beige, gelb, geschliffen/feingeschliffen, hell , Innenbereich, Kalkstein, Marmor, poliert, Solnhofener Naturstein, Wandelemente - Mauerverblender

Alta Quartzite - SONAT 506

Green Quartzite from the north. Very fine structure and very nice color variation. For inside as well as for outside.

Category: Außenbereich, Garten und Landschaftsbau (Gala), gebürstet, grün, hell , Innenbereich, Quarzit, spaltrau/bruchrau

Yellow mixed Quartzite - SONAT 502

Yellow Quartzite for inside and outside. A very nice stone here shown with its tumbled surface.

Category: Außenbereich, beige, Garten und Landschaftsbau (Gala), gelb, getrommelt, hell , Quarzit, weiß

Sandstone Mint - SONAT 510

A roman pattern with antique finish.

Category: antik, Außenbereich, beige, Garten und Landschaftsbau (Gala), gelb, getrommelt, hell , Innenbereich, Sandstein

Red Sandstone - SONAT 512

A red hard sandstone with very nice color. - This stone will bring colour in your garden.

Category: Außenbereich, Garten und Landschaftsbau (Gala), rot, Sandstein, spaltrau/bruchrau